How to Relax Your Pelvis & Legs

When you’re feeling stressed, when you’re worrying about something, or when you’ve got anxiety about something, a great thing to do is first to take a nice deep breath and to do progressive muscle relaxation.

So, we’re gonna do that together, and we’re gonna focus on the pelvis and the legs. So as you do this with me, you can gently close your eyes. And as you close your eyes just take a couple of gentle deep breaths. Just starting to slow things down. This is a great way to come back to yourself after a hectic day.

How to Relax Your Pelvis & Legs

And, starting with your pelvis. Just relaxing and releasing the muscles in your hips. Feeling the weight of gravity on your body. Know about the best massage chair. Allowing your body to sink more deeply into your chair. Letting your soas go. Just imagining that the bones of your hips are heavy and relaxed.

Now moving on to your thighs. Relaxing the muscles of your quads and your hamstrings. Again, just allowing your legs to be nice and heavy. You can even take this moment to let go of your knees, whatever that means to you. Just relaxing your knees, letting go of your knees in the front, in your kneecaps, and behind your knees.

Now moving down to your shins and your calves, and again even relaxing and releasing the ankles. Whatever that means to you, however that feels. Just bringing some loving attention to your ankles who work so hard for you. and letting go of the feet. Letting your toes go. Just letting your feet feel nice and heavy.

How to Give a Knee Massage

With any major joint in the body, it’s really important for the health of the joint that the energy is passing through that with a really great alignment and ease. So for the knee, we’re just going to do a little bit of a rocking motion. I’m just tapping my foot. It’s a really gentle way to support the knee joint and to loosen up the joints on either side in the ankle.

And then place both hands underneath the knee and just give a little bit of a bounce, just to, again, support that joint, loosen it up a little bit. And then with extending the whole leg I’m bending right under that crease and placing my knee there. So he knee is really supported. You also know about how effective are massage chairs for proper massage. And this gives me access to work on all of the energy pathways that run up the front inside of the knee as well as the outside of the leg, through the back of the knee. So there’s a great pressure point about two inches down from the knee on the outside of the shinbone, right around here. And in Japanese it’s called ashi san ri, and in English that means three-mile run.

How to Give a Knee Massage

This is a great point for runners, but really, any athletes who are having a lot of stress on the knee, it helps to free up this whole area and you can apply quite firm pressure into that. So, again, the knee is here. It’s just about two inches down. And often, when you press that pressure point you can feel it radiating energy up and down on the leg which helps to remind us that Shiatsu’s really not just about a particular part of the body but it’s about connecting and integrating a really great alignment and balance throughout the whole body.

So to balance both sides of the knees, I’m just going to place on hand on the in and one on the out and just send an opposing motion of energy. And this is the way an actual flow moves up the inside and down the outside, just to finish the work around the knee. And great, just to hold and find a little bit of pressure and find a little bit of pressure and warmth into the knee joint.

How to Give a Lower Back Massage

Shiatsu is great for the lower back, as it is for the whole spine. But in particular, the lower back is an area of the spine that we have to be really careful not to use as a joint. It’s the area of the spine that is shaped like a C-curve here, and we often bend from it, which causes a lot of tension in the low back. To relieve that tension that might be accumulated, or just to balance out that area of the spine in general, we’re just going to do some rocking here. I’m cupping just the front of my fingers and the base of my palm here on either side of the spine, and this just really helps to relieve any built-up tension in the low back.

Another great thing to do is come to the head here and give a little bit of a torsion. I’m going to just lean my body weight down through that curve in the low back, and I’m just going to hold here. This is giving a nice stretch and release to that lumbar spine which composes the low back, then releasing that.

Another great thing to do is a little stretch. The psoas muscle, which connects the low back to the front of the hips, is a contributing factor to low back discomfort.

So, we are going to do a little stretch here by bringing in both the feet. I’m just going to place my knee perpendicular to her body, and then I’m going to take both my hands and just give a little downward motion through the low back as I stretch the feet in. Also know about how much is a massage chair. That is a nice stretch for the front of the hips, which helps to relieve the low back as well. So, releasing the legs.

How to Give a Lower Back Massage
Man Receiving Massage From Female Hand

Another thing that’s great to do is a cupping action, bringing the hands together like this, and placing them over the lumbar spine here. Then I’m just going to do a little squeezing in towards the spine. I can do a little rocking here, too. If you just notice that I’m keeping my own spine really long and in alignment as I work rather than doing this, so that I don’t get low back pain as I’m working.

It’s really important to think of my head moving out, and my tail moving towards that wall as I work on the giver’s low back. So great to place to focus energy on, to balance, for the whole spine, and really for the whole body’s alignment, is the low back.

Thai Massage Relaxing Body

Health Benefits of Massage
It offers a number of benefits that can completely transform your lifestyle and result in a positive modification to the way you spend your routine. Here are the most prominent health benefits:

1- Increased Blood Circulation
2- Healthy Nervous System
3- Prevention of Diabetes
4- Improved Heart Health
5- Relief from Anxiety
6- Reduction in Pain
7- Boosted Immunity
8- Cancer Treatment
9- Infant Growth
10- Proper Sleep
11- Skin Care

Massage is to plan and act on the physique with pressure. Beating techniques are frequently activated with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, or a device. The purpose of beating is about for the analysis of physique accent or pain.

In able settings, audience are advised while lying on a beating table, sitting in a beating chair, or lying on a mat on the floor. In centenarian settings, a accepted purpose apparent like a bed or the attic is added common. Aquatic beating and bodywork is performed with recipients submersed or amphibian in a warm-water analysis pool.

Thai Massage Relaxing Body

The US based National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine recognizes over eighty altered beating techniques. The a lot of cited affidavit for introducing beating as analysis accept been applicant appeal and perceived analytic effectiveness.

Our able beating techniques are to access circulation, abate tension, abate stress, abate anxiety, advance sleep, and advance alleviation throughout the absolute body, as able-bodied as abounding added benefits.

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